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Digital Undergraduate Courses

Mobile App Development

All undergraduate students in the School of Journalism and Mass Communication, regardless of their major, must take a required course, MC4381 Fundamentals of Digital/Online Media.This course is meant to introduce students to modern digital concepts like social media, basic Web design, multimedia editing and digital strategy. The course covers the effects of the Internet and related technologies on the fields of journalism, interactive advertising and public relations, search engines, personal branding, social networking and mobile platforms.

Any student seeking an undergraduate major in the School of Journalism and Mass Communication can take any of the digital media electives.

Undergraduate Major - Digital Media Innovation

A new major, Digital Media Innovation, was approved in Fall 2016. Students in this major are immersed in coding and multimedia concepts and focus on emerging digital products and platforms. The DMI degree is a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) -designated program, a federal designation defined by the Department of Homeland Security. It is the only program in the College of Fine Arts and Communication with the STEM designation, integrating communication, media and technology.

Digital Courses

MC4315 Web Design and Publishing. Students develop skills in web page construction including Web editing, image and graphic manipulation, animation, and audio and video editing. The course will cover the topics of design, content, and accessibility, as well as important social and ethical issues associated with online publishing. Required for Digital Media Concentration.

MC4323 Multimedia Journalism. Students are introduced to topics related to online journalism. Topics covered include the online journalism profession, Web credibility, online reporting sources, cyberlaw including libel and copyright, blogging and podcasting, and basic multimedia design. Students both critique and create online materials.

MC4324 Visual Storytelling. This course is an introduction to basic elements of video journalistic storytelling for today‚Äôs converged newsrooms. Students gather information using journalism practices, such as in-person interviews, and learn to use video newsgathering technologies to produce stories for online and other digital platforms.

MC3390 Media Design. Study and application of advanced principles of media design including: basic design principles, typography, color, photography, video, and multimedia. Students will learn production skills for existing and new media.

MC4325 Coding and Data Skills for Communicators. Students are introduced to programming and data concepts relevant to communicators. Data visualization and storytelling tools and techniques are covered as related to journalism, advertising and public relations.

MC4326 Advanced Social Media and Analytics. This course will provide students with an advanced understanding of social media, marketing plans and social media analytics. Students will build company and/or journalistic profiles on the top social networks - Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, Instagram and more - to engage with audiences and communities and utilize analytical tools to track success.

MC4327 Mobile Media Development. This course introduces students to mobile communication and production that is relevant to mass communication. As mobile devices are a vital communication medium in our everyday life, it is essential to understand how mobile communication works and how to effectively produce online content for mobile devices.

MC4336G Virtual Reality and 360 Video. This course examines new storytelling opportunities brought on by virtual reality and 360 video. It provides a framework for understanding how this new platform can be used by the media to communicate with audiences and communities. 

MC4337 Data Journalism. In this course, students will use a variety of tools and software to acquire and analyze data to produce news stories and data visualizations

MC4328 Digital Media Innovation Capstone. This course will explore innovation associated with digital entrepreneurship and creativity within organizations. Students will integrate concepts and ideas learned in previous courses, leading to innovation product development.