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Mass communication graduate students participate in various conferences each year by presenting their research papers. 


2016 Conference Presentations

Eighth International Research Conference for Graduate Students
Texas State University, San Marcos, Nov. 15-16, 2016

“Does Social Media Move Diplomacy Closer to the People? A Content Analysis of Three US Embassy’s Social Media Presence Across the Globe”
Andrea Alvarez

“Exploring Effects of Social Media on Brand Perceptions”
Ashley Alvarez, Erika Toney, Eun Jeong Lee, Nicole Villafina & Gina Goss

“Negative Effects vs. Gratifications of Maintaining a Social Media Persona”
Michael Cody Coker, Breanna Salinas, Annabel Fidler, Rachel Mosley & Debra Price

“Female Stereotypes in Video Games"
Charles Duoto

“Social Media’s Transforming Effect on Visual Communication”
Bailey Gilbeaux

“#StandWithWendy versus #SitDownWendy: Hashtag Activisim and the Texas Senate Bill Five”
Nicole Hengst

“Women of Color on Television”
Dylan Lochridge-Fletcher

“Politics in 2016: The Significance of Political Entertainment and Media Tongue-in-cheek Portrayals”
Jose Martinez

“All Dolled Up: Female Athlete Representation in Sports Illustrated Magazine Research”
Jeff McDaniels

“Attitudes toward Emoticon Use in the Workplace”
Melanie Morales

“Internet Video Content and the Elements that Affect its Virality”
Paul Moreno

“How Companies Use Instagram to Communicate with their Consumers: A Visual Communication Study”
Maria Scardetta

“Viral Advertising: Strategies That Work for Brands”
Sara Shields

“But it’s Not Real: Selling Stereotypes through Anthropomorphization”
Brandon Spenrath

“Hollywood’s Impact on Social Awareness: ‘Concussion,’ Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy and the National Football League”
Brooke Lillian Taylor

“The Perceptions of Women of Color in ‘Orange Is the New Black’”
Undria Wilson, Storm Monteiro Tyler, Samantha Lopez & Dylan Lochridge-Fletcher

2015 Conference Presentations

Seventh International Research Conference for Graduate Students
Texas State University, San Marcos, Nov. 17-18, 2015

“The Internet and Dating: Pros and Cons of Online Dating”
Sarah Abass, Paul Moreno, Maria Scardetta, Jeff McDaniels, & Jay Martinez

“The effects of Native Advertisements on Online Consumer-Buying Behavior”
Andrea Alvarez, Erika J. Jasso, Melanie Morales, Sara Shields, & Mary C. Underbrink

“Music Video Portrayals: A Content Analysis of Latina Portrayals in Music Videos”
Issa Galvan

“Twitter and Native Advertising: Affects on User Perception and Purchase Decisions”
Tyler Hammond

“College Students Preferred Sports Media Platform”
Joe C. Hernandez

“The Use of Religious Emotional Appeals in Political Advertising and its Effects on Intention to Vote”
Kimberly Hurst

“Tapping Into the Essence: An Examination Of Images In Essence Online”
Dana Kelly

“Heroines Like Me: The Portrayal of Strong Women in Contemporary Science Fiction and Fantasy Cinema”
Rebecca Larson

“Mainstream Sports Network Gender Bias of Professional Female Basketball Players”
Taleya Mayberry

“How Media Representations of Female Athletes and Fitness Models Affect the Body Image of Athletic College-Aged Women”
Jenna Cheyenne Meyer

“Uses and Gratifications of Space: Understanding How and Why College Students Do Or Do Not Engage with NASA’s Social Media”
Jeremy Mullins, Qian Yu, Colin Woods, Carl Clark

“Video Game Character Design and Affects on User Relationships”
Jonathan Riedel

“Instagram Use in NCAA-Division I College Athletics: How Personal Accounts Can Promote Women’s Sports”
Charlotte Singleton

“Visual Iconography in Social Media: Factors Influencing Voter Candidate Selection”
Nathaniel Smith

“Connected: The Emotional Reward of Social Media Sharing”
Mark Wilson, Candice Brusuelas, Joshua Morrison, Amy Arnold, & Ana Gallegos

“Use of Color to Convey Emotion in The Economist Magazine”
Qian Yu 

Southeast Asia Conference
Center for International Studies, Texas State University, San Marcos, April 21, 2015

“Perceptions of Environmental Issues in Singapore: A Content Analysis of a Singaporean Magazine”
Tyler Hammond, Carl Clark, Christopher Herman, Jessica James, and Qian Yu
“Framing the Struggle of the South China Sea”
Rebecca Silvas, Charlotte Singleton, Ashley Ragan, and Nathaniel Smith
“The Southeast Asian Media Response to the Charlie Hebdo Shooting”
Sarah Abass, Mackenzie Cox, Alma Ibarra, and Michelle Martin
“Violence Against Journalists in the Phillipines: A Content Analysis of the 2009 Maguindanao Massacre Coverage"”
Issa Galvan, Cesar Soto-Ramos, Maria Ruiz Caballero, and Kerry Ademosu


2014 Conference Presentations

Sixth International Research Conference for Graduate Students
Texas State University, San Marcos, Nov. 5-6, 2014
"Music Discovery by College Students via Social Media and Mobile Usage"
Stanton Cagle, Issa Galvan, Tyler Hammond, Joe Hernandez, & Dan Seed
"Like and Unfollow: Selective Exposure in Social Media Amongst Millenials"
Randy Estevanes, Christopher Herman, Rebecca Larson, Priscillia Seelan, Rebecca Silvas, and Quinton Walton
"Social Media and its Effects on Face-to-Face Communication and Socialization"
Alexis J Arreguin, Roberto Garcia, Robert Fluker, Iris Fulton, Nicholas Raven, and Jonathan Riedel
"News Gathering and Interaction Patterns Among College Students Through Social Media"
Ashley Ragan, Nathaniel Smith, Charlotte Singleton, Diandra Marquez, and Cheyenne Meyer
"News Media Stereotypes and Student Perceptions of Ethically and Culturally Diverse Populations"
Christopher Herman
"Image Transfer Effects on Perceptions of Music Event Sponsorship"
Stanton Cagle


2013 Conference Presentations

World Journalism Education Congress
Mechelen, Belgium, July 3-5, 2013

“A Comparative Analysis of New Media Skills Sought by the Media Industry and Courses Offered by Journalism and Mass Communication Graduate Programs in the United States”
Dr. Sandy Rao and Emily S. Lyons, Texas State University
Fifth International Research Conference for Graduate Students
Texas State University, San Marcos, Nov.6-7, 2013
“Perception of Nonprofit Mobile Web Design”
Emily Lyons, Texas State University
“Analyzing the Use of Instagram in Small Business: A Mixed-Method Approach based on the Diffusion of Innovation Theory”
Jennifer Fidler, Melanie Ningmeng Li, Melody Mendoza, Daniel Palomo & Flor Salas, Texas State University
“Tablet Computer Diffusion: Measuring Brand Loyalty and Satisfaction among Tablet Owners”
Monte Ashqar, Jordon Brown, Courtney Love, Aisling Niestroy, Texas State University
“Visual Chit Chat In Different Age Groups”
Cody Herring, Texas State University
“Understanding the Online Consumer: An Experiment Analyzing First Impressions of Website Visualization”
Melody Mendoza, Texas State University
“The Diffusion of SnapChat Among Millennials and the Future of Erasable Data in Social Media”
Derrick Holland, Jessica James, Kerry Ademosu & Alonzo Mancha, Texas State University
“Diffusion of Video Services: What Differentiates Them?”
Cody Herring, Nick Erskine, Kimberly Cook, Jamie Henriquez & Josh Twilligear, Texas State University
“Rhetoric of Adventure Tourism Consumers”
Katie Dudley, Texas State University                 

2012 Conference Presentations

Fourth International Research Conference for Graduate Students organized by the Graduate College on the Texas State University campus, November 7-8, 2012.
"The Effect of the Fear Appeal in Advertising on the Link between Motherhood and Environmental Concern,"
Shawna White, Mass Communication, Texas State 
"How Religious Content in Political Campaign Advertising Affects Intention to Vote,"
Emily S. Lyons, Cordula Willfarth & Kimberly Hurst, Mass Communication, Texas State
"An Analysis of U.S. News Magazine Coverage of the Access to Birth Control Debate in January to April 2012,"
Valene Bummara, Mass Communication, Texas State
"The Impact of Social Media on Adolescents: A Comparative Study Among  Ethnic Groups,"
Femi Omoni, Josh Twilliger, & Jacob Ehrnstein, Mass Communication, Texas State
"Perceptions of Pregnant Latinas in Hollywood Film,"
Stephanie Guzman, Kristina Kenney, & Ashley Vasquez, Mass Communication, Texas State


2011 Conference Presentations

Third International Research Conference for Graduate Students organized by the Graduate College on the Texas State University campus, November 2-3, 2011.

“The Impact of Anti-Immigrant Rhetoric in Cable TV News Commentary Shows on Viewers’ Attitude Formation,”
Susan Raybuck, Megan Kilgore, and Robert Helms

“Social Ads: The Effects of Celebrity Endorsers on the Public’s Intent to Donate,”
Brittany Black, Valene Bummara, Ashley Goode, and Megan Lovelady

“Crisis Communications and Social Media Use by Nonprofits: The Case of Austin Groups for the Elderly,”
Sara Peralta

“Exploring the Adoption of Twitter as a Credible News Source,”
Chelsea Roeder, Ryan Stewart, and Shawn Dullye

“Looking for Social Conflicts? An Exploratory Study on the Impact of Facebook Consumption on Interpersonal Relationships,”
Kristen McLaughlin, Doug Seliger, Eileen Suarez, and Nicole Martinez

“Encouraging Risk Reduction of Sexual Practices Aimed Towards Men Who Have Sex with Men (MSM) Through Educational Advertisements on Online Dating Sites,”
Katie Pengra, Kiana Fitzgerald, Chris Handoyo, and Kristie Vela

Tenth Annual Hawaii International Research Conference on Social Sciences on June 3rd, 2011.

“Looking for Social Conflicts? An exploratory study of the impact of Facebook consumption on interpersonal relationships among college students,”
Kristen McLaughlin and Eileen Suarez